Sunday, October 31, 2010


To start, I must say that I am just so stressed about keeping up with the blog lately! I feel like I am ALWAYS sitting at my computer for work right now and I just can't stand to sit a second longer to sort through MORE pictures and put together MORE blog postings. I know it should be exciting and a priority for me to document my families journey, but life is just so busy! Ah! And, not to mention the slight, indirect harassment I receive from my well-meaning family members about wanting to see things on the blog. Ok, I get it! I'm trying...I promise :)
Yes, I still have lots of "other" posts to put up from August and September, but for now, I know my parents REALLY want to see some Halloween pictures from tonight, so I'll throw them up real quick!! And I really am going to find (MAKE!) time to do more catch-up posts.

*let me just interject something (day AFTER Halloween) I am having SO much mommy guilt!!! I mean seriously, I didn't put ANY effort into finding a costume for Braxton...I just picked this up at a consignment sale and realized 2 days before Halloween that it didn't really fit. so bummed. Almost so much that I want to go get a costume NOW and try to do some "fake" pictures so I feel better about it.

Reilly and her buddy Cayden (who typically has white blonde hair! it was so funny to see her with a black wig on!)

and her buddy Evan...
Yes, we get this many kids together every year for one big photo....and this isn't even all the kids in our neighborhood!! (Reilly and Braxton are on the front row in the bottom left....Shaun is in the far bottom left corner)

this is perhaps the funnier's like Paramount Studios!

our friends Caroline and Thomas....

The Dreschers strolled over to our street for a little trick-or-treating....2 Dragons and a Dragon Slayer!

I was pretty pumped that after only 2 streets, Reilly was content with just sitting with me and handing out candy!

her best bud (our next door neighbor) Owen

Shawn caught the attn. of MOST of the adults with the football game being projected on the garage....