Sunday, May 29, 2011

OIB - Day 2

Day 2's beach time was even more fun for the kids because they had DeeDee and Poppi to "jump the waves with" and attempt to catch fish with AND cousins Cooper and Carson to play in the water with. Reilly and Braxton could not get enough of playing with their "big" (2nd) cousins!!

Braxton and Memama being silly on the front porch....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Beach trip of 2011

We decided that with a baby coming in early July, our one and only chance for a beach trip would be Memorial Day weekend! So, here we are! We got to Ocean Isle last night and went straight to Sharky's for Shawn's favorite flounder sandwich with a "cold beer" to kick off the trip! Memama met us there and we had a great dinner. The kids were super excited to get out on the beach today and boy did we have fun!! We got out around 10:00 and the weather was perfect! Low 80's and a great breeze and there was hardly any crowd at all. The kids were in absolute heaven. It was so fun to watch them play together this year as opposed to last year when Braxton wasn't too sure of what to do. They ran from the water together and jumped over the small waves. Then we went for a "shell walk" to collect shells. Shawn dug out a small pool for the tide to fill in and the kids loved playing in that too. It was so much fun and they are already super excited to go back out tomorrow, especially now that DeeDee and Poppi are here!

matching glasses with Daddy

it was also so fun to have Memama out there with us....

running from the water...

Monday, May 16, 2011

5k racing and celebrating Poppi's 60th Birthday!

We had quite a busy weekend!! First, we started out at McAlpine Park where Shawn ran in a 5k race. This is the exact same course he ran in high school for the state championships where he came in 2nd place!! It was really cool for him to be back at the same course, however, he did have to realize that his body was not quite the same as it was 15 years ago!! Never the less, he did awesome and hit his goal for this particular race, which was to get below 22min. and HE WON 1st place IN HIS AGE GROUP!!!! (just for comparison, when he ran this course in highschool, his times were in the low 16minutes!!)

After the race, we headed to Greensboro over the weekend to celebrate Poppi's 60th birthday. The kids had fun riding horses, stopping at the Strawberry patch to pick some berries in the sprinkling rain, riding Poppi's fancy lawnmower (it's the small things people!), and eating Poppi's strawberry pie birthday cake!

Playing in the rain.

Last night we were eating dinner on the porch and a big rain storm came in. It was fun to eat outside and watch the rain falling harder and harder. Reilly asked if they could go play in the rain and I said, "sure! go get your rain boots!" By the time she and Braxton got their boots on, the rain had completely stopped. But, they still had fun stomping in the small puddles and walking around the driveway with their boots on!! I didn't seem to think it was a problem that Braxton didn't have any pants on....just his cute little choo-choo big boy underwear :)

Pregnancy Brain at 31 weeks....

Wow, today my daughter totally called me out!! Here's the story....

This is my week to pick up Reilly and her friend Sophie from preschool. They get out of school at 12:55. Last night I had a friend who is a realtor tell me she had someone interested in our rental house and wondered if I could show it between 12:00-1:00. I said that surely I could meet her there at 1:00, thinking I'd have enough time for Braxton and I to eat lunch and then get to school to pick up the girls. While we were at the rental house, they sent me a message saying they were running late and I told them I couldn't stay past 1:20, which would allow me enough time to get home for Braxton to go potty (he's potty training now!) and then get to school to get in the pickup line. The whole time it never donned on me that I was NOT thinking! We got home from the rental house at 1:05 and I stared at the clock for a few minutes and then finally it HIT me! HOLY COW! I was WAY past late to get the girls...surely they would be standing around waiting for me to get there! Wow. So embarrassing. So shameful.

Then, the kids and I were playing on the driveway and Reilly asked me for some lemonade. I started to get out a cup without a lid and she said, "no mommy, I want one with a lid so I can take it outside". I told her to get the cup that she had at school today for lunch and I would just refill it instead of getting a new cup dirty. She told me that she didn't know where that cup was. I explained that she unpacked her own bookbag so she would need to remember what she did with her cup. She responded that I didn't GIVE HER A CUP TODAY with her lunch!! No drink. Nothing. I couldn't believe her so I asked what she drank today at school. She said water....from the bathroom. And I asked her what she had with her lunch and she said NOTHING!! Holy cow, I didn't even give my child a drink to have at school for 4 hours that she was there! I started apologizing and she quickly replied, "Mommy, is the baby eating all your brains?"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.

So much truth comes out of the mouth of a 4yr. old!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day 2011!

I had a fun Mother's Day with my kiddos! Shawn fixed a pancake breakfast and then we headed up to Jetton Park on the lake with a picnic made up of Bojangles chicken and fixin's!! We hung out at the park for a while, checked out the lake and trails and then played on the playground with the kids. We finished up the day at my favorite, On the Boarder, with dinner on the patio! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family :)

Reilly's preschool class did a special "Moms and Dad" breakfast this morning to celebrate both Mother's Day and Father's Day since they won't be in school in June. It was so sweet. Reilly has been talking about it for over a week now, but insisted that everything was a "surprise" and would NOT discuss any of the details! It was so cute to see her so set on keeping the secret! She was super excited for Mommy AND Daddy to be in her classroom this morning. They had several cute crafts that they had made for us and they had a special "Mommy" song and one for "Daddy" as well that they sung. So super cute :)

Reilly and her friend Lilly

The kids dressed up in suit coats and ties and had their picture taken and framed for a gift for Daddy's. So precious.