Sunday, January 23, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Shawn and I had so much fun planning out how we would celebrate our "12 Days of Christmas" tradition this year. With the kids a little older, especially Reilly, we knew we wanted to incorporate some more meaningful and spiritual pieces in the 12 days of fun. The kids loved running downstairs each morning to check the paper chain and see how many "chains" we left. We typically let them open the chain after Daddy got home from work to see what we would do that evening together as a family. The suspense built all throughout the day :) Here is the list of what we did this year for the 12 days leading up to Christmas:
  1. New Christmas books
  2. Ginger bread house
  3. Popcorn in the car for a house light tour around the neighborhood
  4. New Christmas movie special night
  5. Dinner and Snowfall at Birkdale with singing bears
  6. hot chocolate, music and dancing by the fire
  7. Zootastic Park light tour with Aunt Kelly and Shaun
  8. Peppermint milkshakes and shopping with daddy
  9. Bake and take cookies to homeless shelter
  10. Choose two "gifts" from the Samaritans Purse gift catalog to purchase for needy children/families worldwide
  11. Make Cards and take cookies to Ivys and Caitlyn
  12. Christmas Eve church celebration and come home for Jesus' birthday party!!

Zootastic park was really cool....miles of lights all over the place. And of course we got to go inside and see some neat animals! I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a kangaroo in person...AND had the chance to pet one before! so cute :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We did a quick trip to see Santa after Reilly's preschool program. The kids both looked pretty cute and it was a spontaneous decision! And boy did we luck up! I pulled in at Great Outdoor World, where they have the BEST Santa and set (deer, a tiny house with elves, etc.) and we walked right in and sat right on Santa's lap. He was just waiting for someone...NO LINE whatsoever. It was fabulous :) Reilly was so excited to sit on his lap this year! Quite a change from years past :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stonebridge Preschool Christmas Program, Dec. 16th

Reilly was such a hoot during the Christmas program this year! She LOVED being up on that stage! It was so precious to watch her just sing and dance and perform as if there weren't 300 people staying at her! And it was so cute because Braxton sat in my lap the whole time, saying "LaLa" and pointing to Reilly up on the stage! He loved watching her up there!!

I love this next one.... "I'm not going to smile b/c I don't want you to know that I'm excited to see you!"

Reilly's bestest bud, Sophie, and her big sister Chloe

we have been SOOOO blessed, yet again, to have an amazing teacher for Reilly this year. Ms. Jacobson is just what our sweet little spirited daughter needs!! :)