Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Turner Christmas in the mountains

The day AFTER Christmas, we packed up and headed to Asheville for more Christmas celebrations :) All the Turners got together at Dave and Denise's house for an wonderful dinner and more gifts to exchange. Reilly had a blast with all the girl cousins on the Turner side and even found Lauren's perfume which she must have taken a bath in while we weren't looking....holy cow she smelled like perfume for days and days! Dave had a "fabulous" idea to have the whole family get together and do a "dramatic reading" of the classic "A Christmas Carol" story. He even had parts for everyone to choose and scripts lying around for people to practice reading their lines. It was awesome to see how serious he was about it....until about 10 minutes in when one by one people started leaving the room for various reasons and kids became not so interested anymore :) It was a good idea, Dave, just might not be the right group :)

The 1st Snow of Winter 2010!!

It started snowing Christmas night, after it was dark. But when we woke up the next morning, we had gotten about 5-6 inches of snow!!!! DeeDee and Poppi had spent the night with us so they couldn't wait to get outside with the kids. Reilly was determined to sled as much as she possibly could and Braxton just wasn't too sure about how cold it was :) DeeDee and Poppi took turns pulling him on the "baby sled" whiled Reilly raced down the steepest driveway she could find.

The Christmas that never ended! (2010)

Our Christmas seemed to last for days and days! Which was great, but so exhausting as well :) And, needless to say, the kids were on a bit of a "whats-the-next-present-I-get-to-open" kick after a while! We started out at Grandpa and Nanny's house for brunch and gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

Then we came home and got ready for our family Christmas eve celebration, which consisted of an amazing church service, a lasagna dinner (which Shawn has declared a new tradition) and the opening of just one Christmas present. The kids each got new hooded towels with their names on them.

Shawn and I were so excited about Christmas morning, because we knew it meant we could share some of the most exciting news with the kids (especially Reilly!):

Reilly's reaction to her super special Doll House (that should be included in the picture, but I was more focused on her expression) :)

After we had a monkey bread and fruit breakfast, Nana, Kelly and cousin Shaun came over for brunch.

After lunchtime, DeeDee and Poppi and Uncle Watts came for even more fun. After they got here, we deicded to go ahead and reveal the kids' final, biggest, Christmas present.....a bounce house!!! It is the best one ever....small enough to fit in the playroom but big and sturdy enough to go outside in the warmer months!! And the kids LOOOOVE it!

DeeDee and Poppi brought with them the gifts from Uncle Brandon and Aunt Angel for the kids since we wouldn't get to see them on Christmas day. They thought of the best gift for B!! Brandon's old work cell phones!!! A whole bag of them!! Braxton was in heaven, and walked around all day with one phone to each ear :)

After all the present opening was completed, Memama, Uncle Clarke, Carson and Cooper all came up and joined us for a big, fancy Christmas dinner that I had been cooking all day. It was a super fun ending to a very special, very crazy Christmas day! We are just so blessed to have so much family living so close :)