Friday, February 24, 2012

A funny from tonight...

I have to blog this right now before I forget it because it's one I definitely want to have documented!!

Shawn and I are surprising the kids with an out of control surprise tomorrow....we're going to DISNEY...and they have NO IDEA!!!!! so tonight, after we put the kids in bed, we were in the garage strategically planning the packing of our car and what needs to go where. All the sudden, we heard Braxton's voice, "Hey, dere you guys are! I hear you!" I look up to see him standing naked at the doorway to the kitchen. (side note....he has been getting out of bed lately so we just had a talk about NOT getting out unless it was an emergency or he would be punished) I calmly walked over to him and said "why are you down here and where are your pants?" "dey upstair on my bed" "Why are they up there?" "cuz I want them dere" "why are you down here? did mommy tell you you would be punished if you got out of bed? Do you have an emergency?" "Yes! WEEE-OOOO, WEEEE-OOOO, WEEE-OOOO (siren sounds!!!)" I immediately looked at Shawn and he burst into laughter, after which I did too, and then Braxton started laughing with us. As Shawn carried him upstairs, he continued his "emergency" with siren sounds, "Weeee-ooooo, weeee-oooo!"

That guy keeps us laughing, that is for sure!

More to come on the DISNEY ADVENTURE!!!!