Sunday, July 15, 2012

Toothless grin.

Well, it's all started.  The losing-teeth journey, that is!  Yesterday Shawn pulled out Reilly's very first baby tooth....and she didn't even flinch.  She told us several months ago that she felt like her tooth was loose but when I felt it, it barely even wiggled.  However, that little booger had worked it's way looser and looser until this week, it literally would move sideways, forwards, and backwards.  Thursday and Friday she told me that when she bit into food, it hurt.  So, Saturday, while we were having lunch, she was complaining about it bothering her and I looked and saw that it was actually bleeding a little bit.  It was time!!  We propped her up on the counter, Shawn grabbed a paper towel, and with one good "pluck", it just came right out!  And she honestly did not even budge.  It was crazy!  I expected some drama ;), but there was NONE!  And we just stood there, staring at her tooth in Shawn's hand, and not believing the hole that was now shining in her smile.  So so sad.  Such a big girl now.  And if that's not enough, about 10 minutes later she told me that her other bottom tooth was loose.  I thought she was just kidding, but when I checked it out for myself, she was right!! It's seriously maybe a week or two away from coming out too!!!  WHAT?!!

I headed out to the store and bought a cute little wooden box and some materials to make a special holding place for her lost tooth since "they say" there's a tooth fairy that may take her tooth and leave her a treat in place of it.  She was so excited to put her tooth in the box and then she decided to put it on her dresser, "so the tooth fairy wouldn't have to walk through her room to find it on her bedside table"!!  ;)  And sure enough, this morning, she came bouncing into the bathroom to tell me that "the tooth fairy came"!!!!  And she left an awesome "first lost tooth" certificate along with 2 quarters!  She was so excited. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Celebrating our baby boy.

Yesterday was such a special day as we celebrated our baby boy turning ONE!!  Shawn and I are really having a hard time accepting the fact that sweet Layton is already 1, which means that ALL of our kids are just getting older and older!  And to make matters worse, Reilly is on the verge of loosing her first tooth any day now!  So so sad. ;(  But, we had fun with Layton's first birthday despite not really wanting to accept that it was already here.

He started the day with the Turner tradition...blueberry pancake in the shape of the age, and boy did he enjoy his #1 shaped pancake, with syrup for the first time!   After church Shawn took Reilly and Layton to the pool for a little bit while I finished up the cake, prepping the house and food for dinner.  We had a fun gathering with ALL the grandparents (DeeDee and Poppi, Grandpa and Nanny, Nana) and Aunt Kelly and cousin Shauny.  Layton was such a trooper with all that was going on!!  And when it came time for his cake, he was SO excited!  He immediately started picking at it with his fingers, but once he realized how big it was, he leaned down with his mouth wide open as if he was just going to take a big ole bite out of it sitting there on his tray!  so cute.  We all watched him go to town on his cake, kinda like we were watching a caged animal eat for the first time at a zoo!!  He opened up some fun new toys and outfits and that was it!

All Clean!!
We are so in love with this little guy.  He just brings us so much joy!  He's so happy, smiley, loves to be tickled and wrestled with.  He signs for "more", "all done", "please", and waves bye-bye while vocalizing something too!  And, I'm pretty sure that I almost have him trained to smile on command!!!  ;)  Yes, I said that.  ;)  And, I must add, I think everyone would agree that he is quite the MAMA'S BOY!!!!! And I'll take every single minute of it!!!!  :) 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

OIB - June 29.July3

After our camping adventure 2 weekends ago, we had our hands full with laundry and preparing for a beach trip this last weekend! We headed down to OIB on Friday after Reilly's VBS program and got down there about 4:30. Of course the kids wanted to go right out to the beach so we made a quick pit stop at Memama's house, got suits and screen on, and headed for a short trip out before dinner. Reilly and Braxton are at such perfect ages for entertaining themselves for HOURS on the beach!! And we are so grateful that Layton seems to be quite the beach bum himself! Luckily we got out to the beach on Saturday morning, while all the renters were packing up and leaving the island, so we had what felt like the whole beach to ourselves! There were great little tide pools all over the place and the kids just loved it! Reilly blew us away with her new found bravery in the ocean! I mean from jumping waves while holding hands and playing in the 2-3" water last year to full out boogie-boarding with the big breakers, body surfing, tumbling under the crashing waves and not.getting.out.of.the.water this year! It was crazy! She LOVES the beach! And, not to mention the difference in Braxton as well. He was all in the water and waves, getting knocked down and standing right up like a champ. He had a blast digging in the sand and playing in the tide pools, AND, finding any new friend he could...mostly the girls. He was quite a stud with his red "oakleys" on the entire time...just like daddy. Layton was right there with the big kids the whole time too. We were soooo grateful that he was so easy going with naps. Literally we would put him down for a short nap while we got on suits and sunscreen and lunches packed each morning and then he would last on the beach for up to 3.5 hours without being fussy at all! He loved playing in the sand, LOVED the tide pools and would just roll around, crawling everywhere, playing with the toys, picking up the sand, splashing the water, and then would just sit in his little chair and eat crackers while watching the scene. He was so content! It was sooo nice. The kids had fun with Memama on the beach and DeeDee too. Unfortunately, since Poppi just tore his meniscus and was on crutches, he had to stay inside with Uncle Brandon, who is still on crutches from his accident/broken leg so neither of them got to come out on the beach this time. We are also so blessed to have such awesome meals at Memama's house! Shawn and I were determined to have some Mexican food, so we did a meal for the whole gang one night that included chicken tacos and homemade guacamole. YUM! Before we left this morning, we even hit up some amazing (greasy, totally bad for you) breakfast at he pier....which might very well be a new tradition! The kids did NOT want to leave and could have literally stayed on the beach for the entire day each day we were there. Honestly, Shawn and I have never been "stay on the beach for 5 hours" kind of people, but the kids are making it so easy to do it that way! Love it. Fun times!