Thursday, May 24, 2012

Annual Yardwork Day, April 31

I get excited about it every year.  I LOVE our annual "get the yard ready for Spring" day!  When we get to do any plantings that we may have to do, spread new mulch, pull weeds, and all together just make the yard look awesome!  I love yards.  I love landscaping.  sometimes I think that I seriously care more about the yard than I do new furniture or new clothes!  And it's always a family affair.  Reilly and Braxton have their own mini-shovels, gloves, watering cans, and always borrow the neighbor's mini wheel barrow! So cute.  We gotta get these little people trained up early so they can REALLY do some help in the years to come!

 Easter was really fun for us this year because we got to start teaching the kids about the Easter Story.  It's so fun to see their little minds trying to wrap around concepts that are SO much bigger than themselves!

They both had egg hunts at school, along with picnics and lots of treats. 

On Easter weekend, we made Resurrection Rolls for the first time and it is definitely something we will do every year now!  This was truly so so cool.  And the kids totally got into it...especially Reilly.  

I found it online and decided to give it a try.  Basically, you get a roll of crescent rolls, a bag of marshmellows, melted butter, and cinnamon/sugar mixture.  As you are preparing the rolls, you read from John 19 about the crucifixion, burial,  and resurrection of Jesus.  The marshmellow represents the body, dipped in incense and rolled in spices for burial, wrapped in burial cloths. 

The oven represents the tomb. 
When you bring the rolls out of the oven (3 days later), and open up the "cloths", the "body" is gone...just like the empty tomb.  The coolest part about this entire thing was when I opened up the roll to show the kids, Reilly literally and audibly gasped.  It sent goosebumps all over my body.  It was so so cool.