Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family challenge Night

Several months ago I saw an article in "Family Fun" about having a family game night challenge with a group of friends. I thought it sounded like so much fun!! So, I got with our good friends, the Dreschers and the Wilders, and together Karin, Holly and I planned a family challenge night of our own! We started by meeting at the Wilders house and setting off on a one hour and 15 minute "scavenger hunt" around the city (5ish mile radius!) to find some wild and crazy things to compete for the most points.  The list was put together by the three of us pitching in ideas and then having a non-bias friend rank the items to determine their point value.  The challenge was to see which family could accumulate the most points in the given time.  Our first stop....
You may notice that "Team Turner" had a uniform going on...Red shirts and blue bandanas around our arms!  Shawn and I pulled out the old Young Life "uni" idea on that one!!  ;) 

We picked up more points by having our family in a picture with a "man with a mustache"
and then points for taking a picture with a family we didn't know...
After the entire scavenger hunt, which also consisted of me pumping gas for a complete stranger while Shawn washed their windows, singing Happy Birthday to a Wal Mart employee, me hanging upside down from monkey bars while singing "If Youre Happy and you Know it", and plenty of other crazy things, it was determined that the Drescher family had earned the most points. 

We had pizza and an ice cream bar back at the Wilder's house and then finished up with some more games....a semi Minute to Win It challenge, which may have been better described as mass chaos ;)  All in all it was a ton of fun and then kids definitely had a blast!

Branson, Ava, Ellie, Jack and Reilly.
Braxton and Welles
one of the Minute to Win it challenges....me tossing a ping pong ball, trying to bounce it off a clip board that Shawn was holding and get it to land in a large bowl....not to easy!
another challenge....Reilly trying to see how many dice she could stack on a popsicle stick held on with her mouth. 

Monday, August 20, 2012