Thursday, July 12, 2012

Celebrating our baby boy.

Yesterday was such a special day as we celebrated our baby boy turning ONE!!  Shawn and I are really having a hard time accepting the fact that sweet Layton is already 1, which means that ALL of our kids are just getting older and older!  And to make matters worse, Reilly is on the verge of loosing her first tooth any day now!  So so sad. ;(  But, we had fun with Layton's first birthday despite not really wanting to accept that it was already here.

He started the day with the Turner tradition...blueberry pancake in the shape of the age, and boy did he enjoy his #1 shaped pancake, with syrup for the first time!   After church Shawn took Reilly and Layton to the pool for a little bit while I finished up the cake, prepping the house and food for dinner.  We had a fun gathering with ALL the grandparents (DeeDee and Poppi, Grandpa and Nanny, Nana) and Aunt Kelly and cousin Shauny.  Layton was such a trooper with all that was going on!!  And when it came time for his cake, he was SO excited!  He immediately started picking at it with his fingers, but once he realized how big it was, he leaned down with his mouth wide open as if he was just going to take a big ole bite out of it sitting there on his tray!  so cute.  We all watched him go to town on his cake, kinda like we were watching a caged animal eat for the first time at a zoo!!  He opened up some fun new toys and outfits and that was it!

All Clean!!
We are so in love with this little guy.  He just brings us so much joy!  He's so happy, smiley, loves to be tickled and wrestled with.  He signs for "more", "all done", "please", and waves bye-bye while vocalizing something too!  And, I'm pretty sure that I almost have him trained to smile on command!!!  ;)  Yes, I said that.  ;)  And, I must add, I think everyone would agree that he is quite the MAMA'S BOY!!!!! And I'll take every single minute of it!!!!  :) 

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