Sunday, July 15, 2012

Toothless grin.

Well, it's all started.  The losing-teeth journey, that is!  Yesterday Shawn pulled out Reilly's very first baby tooth....and she didn't even flinch.  She told us several months ago that she felt like her tooth was loose but when I felt it, it barely even wiggled.  However, that little booger had worked it's way looser and looser until this week, it literally would move sideways, forwards, and backwards.  Thursday and Friday she told me that when she bit into food, it hurt.  So, Saturday, while we were having lunch, she was complaining about it bothering her and I looked and saw that it was actually bleeding a little bit.  It was time!!  We propped her up on the counter, Shawn grabbed a paper towel, and with one good "pluck", it just came right out!  And she honestly did not even budge.  It was crazy!  I expected some drama ;), but there was NONE!  And we just stood there, staring at her tooth in Shawn's hand, and not believing the hole that was now shining in her smile.  So so sad.  Such a big girl now.  And if that's not enough, about 10 minutes later she told me that her other bottom tooth was loose.  I thought she was just kidding, but when I checked it out for myself, she was right!! It's seriously maybe a week or two away from coming out too!!!  WHAT?!!

I headed out to the store and bought a cute little wooden box and some materials to make a special holding place for her lost tooth since "they say" there's a tooth fairy that may take her tooth and leave her a treat in place of it.  She was so excited to put her tooth in the box and then she decided to put it on her dresser, "so the tooth fairy wouldn't have to walk through her room to find it on her bedside table"!!  ;)  And sure enough, this morning, she came bouncing into the bathroom to tell me that "the tooth fairy came"!!!!  And she left an awesome "first lost tooth" certificate along with 2 quarters!  She was so excited. 

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