Sunday, June 10, 2012

and she's off...on TWO wheels!

Reilly blew us away with how quickly she hopped on a two wheel bike and just took off without the training wheels!!  She kept asking me over and over when she would be able to ride without training wheels and my response was always "maybe when you get older" or "when Daddy can spend some time teaching you".  Well, that just wasn't good enough for our little overachiever, I guess!  We were over at the Dreschers house one afternoon and Branson had his little coaster bike out.  She got on it a few times and tried to find her balance some and had a few falls, but since it was so tiny and close to the ground, it was nothing major.  Then he had a tiny two wheel bike with pedals that he was riding around and she was determined to figure it out.  Since it was so small too, she could put her feet on the ground, get the pedals ready to start pushing, and then pick her feet up and try to take off.  She practiced at it for about 15 minutes or so and was really starting to get it.  So, we went home and told Daddy it was time to take the training wheels off.  We lowered the seat on her bike all the way down so she would be able to stand up and touch and headed to a big parking lot to practice.  Shawn had visions of having this moment where he would be holding onto the back of Reilly's bike seat and be holding onto her while she was starting to pedal and then just let go and watch ride away.  Well, that never happened.  The first time she got on the bike and started pedaling, off she went without any trouble at all!! It was so crazy.  She was definitely ready!  Wow, growing up so fast.

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